Arc-flash Hazard Analysis

An arc-flash hazard analysis gives you a print-out of incident energy levels resulting from an arcing fault. The energy level varies at different points in the electrical system and is affected by a large number of factors. The energy levels can be published on labels which can be attached to your electrical equipment, giving workers a quick indication of the energy levels to be considered when selecting PPE.

An arc-flash hazard analysis starts with a site visit to collect data on your electrical system. From there, the system is modelled in computer software to facilitate the large number of calculations that go into arriving at the energy level. 

Facility owners gain the following from an arc-flash hazard analysis:

  1. Identification of areas where arc-flash energy levels are too high to permit energized work.
  2. Reduction of energy levels through protective device settings changes or installation of arc-flash mitigation equipment. 
  3. Get the data needed to properly select PPE for energized work, and create no-entry zones for unprotected workers.


Owners may choose to include protective device coordination analysis with an arc-flash hazard analysis, to improve efficiency. The data required for coordination is collected during the site visit with no additional required time. The device coordination can then be analyzed with little additional effort, and device settings can be recommended which reduce arc-flash incident energy levels.

Please contact us to discuss an arc-flash hazard analysis at your facility.